Who is behind Unique Muscle? Charlie Ercan and Daniel Papanikolaou are the founders of Unique Muscle but the amazing staff at our Unicorn HQ is what gives us our edge over our competitors. Not to sound too cheesy, but the reason why we have such a high customer satisfaction rate is because we have a team of people who are genuinely dedicated to mentoring our customers on their journey to vibrant health. These are the sort of things you just can’t fake in a business.

What do you do? We create healthy products and beneficial guides that are effortlessly integrated into your everyday life. We help you to create healthier habits so you can feel proud and connected to your body like never before. Our products are also 100% gluten free, cruelty free and vegan. 

Why? Life is all about priorities and being healthy isn’t exactly everyone’s number one priority in life which is totally fine! For us, being healthy and helping others to become healthier IS our number one priority. We live and breathe all things health. Seriously. We will test every new diet trend, superfood, gadgets, gizmos and even our competitor products just to ensure that whatever advice and product we’re offering is the best it can be and is actually useful to you.  

What keeps you going? Ok we’re going to sound cheesy again. Our motivation and energy comes from the success stories of our customers. Not just the huge weight loss success stories (which are amazing!) but the stories of the customer who has successfully kicked her serious cordial addiction thanks to our Unicorn Water or the customer who at age 60 has never felt more energised thanks to our Slimming Coffee or the mumma who no longer feels fatigued throughout her day and feels she can be more present with her toddler thanks to our Green Detox to Renew. SUCCESS!

What are your thoughts on failing? Is it ok to fail? Absolutely. We fail all the time, it’s called being human. The trick is to learn from each one and readjust accordingly instead of giving up completely. Rest if you need to. Listen to your body. It’s ok to take that first step more than once.


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you!

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