Flu Season: How to Avoid Getting Sick

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Everyone agrees, there is nothing worse than getting sick. This is when our bodies are at its weakest point and we try everything in our power for speedy recovery. What if you could avoid the flu and common cold all together? Here are our top tips on how to naturally boost your immune system to prevent falling sick this flu season:

1. Eat Well
Lots of fruits and vegetables for maximum vitamins and minerals. The more fresh fruit and vegetables the better!

2. Stay Hydrated
Drinking water flushes out the toxins and bacteria in your system and helps keep your immune system strong. Need help drink enough water throughout the day? Have you tried our SLIM IT? Six delicious flavours to try that rehydrate you and keep you at the top of your game!

3. Rest Up
Sleep is vital for our bodies to repair themselves and build an immune system. This is why when we get sick all we want to do is sleep because our bodies are forcing us to repair itself. So get sleeping or your body will sleep for you!

4. Wash Your Hands
Even though you may think you have the best hygiene others may not have the same standard as you. Every time you touch something a virus can spread. To prevent the spread of germs and viruses wash your hands often with warm, soapy water.

5. Exercise
 Exercise boosts immune functions.

6. Strengthen Your Gut
Bad gut health = weak immune system. The digestive system filters out good bacteria and bad bacteria therefore if your immunity is down there will be no defence. Improve your gut health with our Green Detox - To Renew. Featuring over 500+ Million Probiotics.

7. Essential Oils
These are nature's healer and help immunity boosting. 

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