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Belly fat is a top concern for many women as it can often lead to various health issues if you have excess belly fat for a long period of time.

There are 5 things you can begin doing TODAY to start to trim the excess belly fat immediately!

So what are these things?

1. Make easy healthy food swaps for a cleaner diet

Eating clean is nothing new but with a busy lifestyle it’s easy to reach for the quickest and easiest food option which unfortunately may not be the healthiest.
An easy hack is to look for healthy food “swaps” for some of your favourite guilty treats. For example:

• Instead of a regular burger bun, use portobello mushroom caps
• Instead of tortilla wrap, use a lettuce wrap
• Instead of milkshakes, have a smoothie

We’ve put together a super easy to follow, completely FREE 12 week eating guide to help you get started with a clean eating diet and the foods we chose on the guide are super quick and easy saving you a LOT of time in the kitchen!

2. Challenge yourself to quick, daily exercises that fit your schedule

Short, targeted workouts which focus on your stomach and core will get the blood pumping and will help you to start seeing more definition in this area.

Making time to go to the gym isn’t that easy for everyone so if you’re short on time, we have a range of totally free workout guides that you can do in your living room or in your workplace without the use of any gym equipment!

3. Use common household ingredients to fire up your metabolism

Foods such as ginger, cinnamon, chilli, turmeric and apple cider vinegar get your metabolism going helping you to burn fat faster.

Our Slim It Fat Metaboliser is a popular supplement our customers love using to metabolise the fat in their trouble areas.

4. Incorporate more protein into your diet

Incorporating more protein rich foods into your diet can reduce hunger and help boost metabolism.

We love getting more protein into our diet with yummy protein smoothies as we’re able to add in a bunch of extra veggies like spinach and kale that we might not get a chance to eat that day!

5. Use healthy supplements that fit in with your lifestyle

While eating a clean wholefood diet is the best choice, we know this isn’t always possible. Healthy supplements are a great way to accelerate your weight loss goals, but you should be careful when choosing the right supplement for you as some brands use artificial sweeteners (such as SUCRALOSE) as well as artificial colours and flavours which cause a lot more problems for your health in the long term.

Our customer’s favourite supplement pack is our Summer Body Pack as it includes 5 of our most essential products for fat loss plus two FREE products: Our 4 week Summer-Body Program valued at $44.95 and a Unique Muscle shaker valued at $12.95.

These customers have used these techniques along with our Summer Body Pack and have been having amazing results so far!



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Thanks for the wonderful post. I believe that such information as well as before and after images of people who have successfully shed their excess belly fat motivates millions. I think that it I best to opt for daily workouts and eat plenty of veggies and fruits.

Krave Fitness January 14, 2020

The eating clean is definitely the hardest obstacle for me. I just started getting into keto and I’m start to get some results so I will definitely add these tips to my daily routine!

Jessica Alexander September 19, 2019

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